Coláiste Sheosaimh, Cárna - Cill Chiaráin, Conamara

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A: Bosca PO 601,
    Co. an Chláir.
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Cursaí (Courses)
Dátaí na gCúrsaí/Course Dates for 2020

Cúrsa A: 7 – 28 June 2020
Cúrsa B: 28 June – 19 July 2020
Cúrsa C: 19 July – 9 August 2020
Cúrsa D: 28 June – 12 July 2020 (Coicís-Fortnight)
Cúrsa E: 19 July – 2 August 2020 (Coicís/Fortnight)
Cúrsa F: 15 – 19 February 2020 (Cúrsa Ardteiste-Midterm)
Cúrsa G: 15 – 19 February 2020 (Cúrsa Teastais Sóisearaigh-Midterm)
Cúrsa H: 15 – 19 February 2020 (Cúrsa Cinnireachta-Midterm)

Types of Courses:
The courses are graded to suit the needs of the students. There are 5 course levels each month ranging from Bunchúrsa to pre-Leaving Cert. Course and it will be decided by a simple interview which course is best suited to each student. These courses range from primary School Courses to Leaving Certificate 2019 Courses.

Interviews are held in central venues around the country. All Courses have a special emphasis on oral and aural skills. Students learn through encouragement, total immersion and participation and return home with a positive and enthusiastic attitude to An Ghaeilge which they take with them to their classroom.

Taillí na gCúrsaí/Course Fees

Tuilleadh Eolais ar an gCúrsa Ranganna Maidine: 10.00 r.n. - 1.00 i.n.

Seisiún 1:
  • Bunstruchtúr na Teanga le cabhair téipeanna, leabhair saothair agus fístéipeanna (videos). Here the basics of the
    language are taught.
Seisiún 2:
  • Rang Eolais agus Comhrá. In this session children put to use what they have learned in Session 1 through language activities. Tapes are used to help Scoláirí learn Irish through listening and understanding.
Seisiún 3:
  • Cúrsa Forbartha Pearsana agus Cultúrtha – díospóireachtaí, tionscnaimh (projects), agallaimh (inter views) agus rl. Here the students broaden the scope of their use of Irish through debates, drama, projects etc.
Seisiún 4:
  • Amhránaíocht agus Drámaíocht.

Taillí na gCúrsaí/Course Fees

Cúrsa Cinnireachta - Tuilleadh Eolais

Cúrsa Ardteiste - Tuilleadh Eolais