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A: Baile Beag, Inis,
Co. an Chlir.
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Loistn (Accommodation)

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As well as reaching College standards each house is sanctioned by Roinn na Gaeltachta.  Our Bean a Ts guarantee their students a Cad Mle Filte.  Each child will have their own bed or bunk. 
An rd-Chinnire or Cntir (specially trained third level or senior student) is placed in almost every house to help with supervision.  The College bus ensures no student has to walk a very long distance and it is invaluable in wet weather.  Bicycles are not necessary.  The Banc an Choliste guarantees security to those who wish to bank their pocket-money.

Breakfast consists of cereal, orange juice, egg or cheese, tea, brown
and white bread, toast, butter and marmalade.

Three Course Dinner consists of three courses which varies every second day at least. Meat to include chicken, fish, roast weekly. Potatoes and vegetables with dinner. Soup varies every second day. Dessert.

Soup varies every second day. Dessert.
Tea consists of tea, bread, butter, bacon, egg or chips and sausages or
salad, pasta, pizza etc. Tea varies every second day.
Supper of tea, bread, butter, jam, scones, cakes, etc.
Students with special dietary requirements must contact college when applying in order to ensure diet can be catered for.










Should students be unhappy with any aspect of accommodation of Course they should speak to a member of the staff - the problem will then be investigated with a view to remedying same.

Spiritual and Medical Care
There is always a priest, a doctor and a nurse available to pupils.  Parents are responsible for doctor's fees and other medical related expenses.  Pupils should bring a copy of their medical card.  PARENTS ARE REQUESTED TO INFORM THE COLLEGE OF ANY RECURRENT ILLNESS (E.G. ASTHMA, ALLERGIES ETC).