College rules will be explained to the students on the first day of the course.

The principal rules are:

  • Sí an Ghaeilge an teanga labhartha le linn an chúrsa. Ní cheadófar aon Bhéarla. Students are not permitted to speak in English.
  • Each student must be in his/her lodgings by 10.00 p.m.and must remain there until after breakfast.
  • Swimming is only allowed under the supervision of a member of the College staff.
  • Misbehaviour of any kind will not be accepted.
  • Company keeping of a serious nature is not allowed.
  • A student may not leave the College during the course without good reason and the permission of An Ardmháistir. Requests should be made in writing before course begins.
  • Smoking or having cigarette, vapes or lighters is not allowed
  • Students are not allowed to enter public-houses. Consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs is prohibited at all times during course.

Supervision is very strict and high standards are required. Yet every effort is made to ensure that students receive fair and just treatment at all times and that they have an enjoyable and beneficial course. Coiste an Choláiste reserves the right to send home any student for breach of any of its rules. Fees will not be refunded. In such cases it is the responsibility of parents to arrange to collect the student.

Riail na Gaeilge:

  • A Student found speaking in English will be cautioned and the incident noted.
  • A second incident will lead to a final caution and the student will telephone or write home to explain what has happened.
  • Following a third incident the College Authorities will be entitled to ask the parents/guardians to take the student home from the Coláiste.
  • N.B. Speaking in English ’entails using English (either words, phrases or sentences)to express oneself while making no effort to express themselves in Irish.

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