A Day in the College


Classes take place every morning from 9.30/ 10.00 to 12.30/1.00. The morning is divided up into four classes of forty minutes.

One class will be given over to Bunstruchtúr na Teanga – grammar of the language with an emphasis on accuracy.

One class will be used to develop the grammar and accuracy by allowing the students partake in oral and written exercises, pair work and/or group work to further their understanding and use of the language.

One class places an emphasis on listening and improving the student’s ability to understand the spoken word through a range of activities.

One class is about improving the knowledge of the language and culture through words of songs, debates, dramas etc.

games & activities

In the afternoon there are games and activities which include basketball, volleyball, football, snooker/pool, dodgeball, walks, cycling, treasure hunts, jewellery making, guitar, art and crafts (charcoal, paints, pencils, pottery etc), traditional music group, water sports (subject to availability and an additional charge) and a large range of small game activities such as twister, cards, jenga bricks etc.

We have the use of a football pitch and an all-weather pitch also. When the weather permits students go to the beach where there is fully supervised swimming and games.


In the evening times students partake in a céilí. These céilís takes the form of various themes – black and white, fancy dress, county colours, clash, pjs, multicoloured etc. Some of the evenings will also be used to run a Song Competition, Variety Show, Karaoke, Talent show etc.

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