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established in 1960

An Ghaeilge

Riail na Gaeilge

As parents are spending a lot of money to give their child an opportunity to improve their Gaeilge, Riail na Gaeilge is taken very seriously.
  1. The first time a student is caught speaking English [phrase / sentence] while making no effort to speak as Gaeilge the student’s name is recorded and the student will be cautioned by the principal.
  2. A second offence will result in the student making a phone call to parent or named adult and being advised of the consequences if this should happen again. This is taken seriously but it is not the end of the world. The student must realise that they need to make a greater effort.
  3. A third offence will result in the Coláiste making contact with the parents / guardians of the student and asking them to make arrangements to collect the student.

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